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  • We've heard your concerns about all of the bulky cases on the market for the iPhone, our response - we'd like to introduce you to the Ballistic Smooth Series. You can now stay protected and maintain your trendy appearance with a case that's nearly as slim as the phone its self!

    This case offers the best of both worlds - its ultra-sleek profile creates minimal bulk, but still provides maximum protection. Interchangeable Ballistic Corners - Slim design, minimal bulk - Comes with a total of 16 bumpers (4 colour options). Kit includes: Black case, 4 black bumpers, 4 white bumpers, 4 lime green bumpers, 4 red bumpers.

  • Our Ballistic Shell Gel (SG) Series Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is engineered with three layers of the best protection on the market.

    This case is equipped with our Ballistic Corners, to ensure that when you drop your phone, the shock from the drop is absorbed via the case, not your phone; and a lay-on-table feature, to ensure whether you place your new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on the surface of your desk, dashboard of your car or the top of your kitchen counter, the screen of your device will never touch the surface of any of them.

Results: 1 - 2 (of 2)
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