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What is Black Friday?

Along with Hollywood movies and fast food, Black Friday is another American
import. It's relatively recent to the UK, taking off in 2013 and it's been
hitting the headlines ever since - who can forget the scenes of carnage,
as shoppers queued through the night and then fought tooth and nail to get their
hands on bargain tellies?

If, like us, you can't resist a bargain but would actually rather be in bed at 5am
rather than queuing outside a superstore so you can be first in to get your hands
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This year, We'll be back with a great collection of deals on Friday 25th
November 2016.

Did you know?

Last year, at it's peak, there were 105 ORDERS PER MINUTE
to, which attracted 1.3 MILLION VISITS

We sold 5,000 Adidas leisurewear products,
4,000 Yankee candles, 3,000 pairs of Ugg boots,
3,500 GAMES CONSOLES, 2,500 Apple products
AND 1,500 experience days.