At Bobbin, it’s about recapturing the magic and excitement of your first bike ride. Tom and Sian
named their first Bobbin bike ‘Birdie’ symbolizing the start of a journey: to the end of the street and
then out into the world, where untold adventures await.
Think of your Bobbin bike as a wholly reliable sidekick - bringing joy and spontaneity to your
life. Once the magic of riding your bike takes hold, the idea of walking, driving, or being squashed
onto a bus starts to feel impossibly dull.

Bobbin is owned by husband and wife team Tom Morris and Sian Emmison, who had the brilliant idea
of establishing a bike store unlike any other in the heart of Shoreditch London! It was a totally new
concept: a mix of old sweet shop and a dressing-up emporium! Seven years on and Bobbin has
grown from this tiny shop into an established, fashionable and unique brand, designing and supplying
the best bike shops and bringing enjoyment to many thousands of Bobbin riders across the globe.

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Results: 1 - 7 (of 7)

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