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  • The Cateye Nano Shot Plus EL-625RC Bicycle Light redefines rechargeable LED lighting generating an incredible 600 lumens. This small form twin LED head light uses all Cateye's superb electronic and opticube lens technology to deliver the most usable beam pattern by sending the light exactly where you need it.

    • Dimension: 96.4 X 58.6 X 35.6 mm
    • Weight: 160 grams (light unit and battery)
    • Light source: High intensity white LED X2
    • Light output: 600 lm / 5000 cd
    • Run time: High mode: approx 1.5 hours - Low mode approx 4 hours
    • Hyper Constant mode: approx 2 hours
    • Battery: Li-Ion rechargeable battery (3.7V-2800mAh)
    • Recharge time: approx 8 hours (USB2.0 recharge) 80% full recharge in 5 hours.
    • Recharge/discharge number of times: about 300 times, until the rated capacity drops to 70%.
    • Other: Low battery indicator lighting mode memory function.

  • The Cateye Velo 5 Cycle Computer is an entry-level computer and features a new larger screen and a large button for easy operation. Like all Cateye's computers it is ultrasonically welded and highly water resistant so you never have to worry about being caught out in the rain.The universal bracket and sensor mounts allow the Velo 5 to easily be attached to nearly any handle bar and fork.

  • The incredibly stylish but compact el-135 measures just 2.5 x 3.5 x 9cm. using 3 LEDS and Cateye's Opticube technology this sleek light is 60% brighter than its cheaper sibling the el-120. Includes the Flex tight bar bracket for rapid easy fitting. Batteries included.

    Colour: Black.
  • Awesome triple-LED performance at an economical price. New Omni Directional Technology increases safety while three modes - rapid flashing and constant - let you decide how flashy you want to be. Two AAA batteries provide up to 150 hours of run time. Cateye exclusive FlexTight bracket and included clothing clip allow you to mount the Omni 3 virtually anywhere you'd like.

    • Dimension: 36.0 X 75.0 X 21.9 mm
    • Weight: 41.6 grams (light unit and battery)
    • Light source: White LED X3
    • Battery: AAA alkaline battery X2
    • Runtime: Approx 50 hours in constant 150 hours in flashing and 50 hours in rapid mode
    • Mount size: 22.2 - 32.0 mm (FlexTight SP-12ft)
    • Other: Clothing clip included
  • The Econom front with high output ROL technology delivered from just 2 x AA batteries leads the way while the Rapid Flash and high power 5mm LED's of the Rapid 3 will warn any approaching vehicle of your presence from great distance.The Rapid 3 features superb lens technology for great all round visibility and there is a single high power LED in the centre provides the brilliant pulse light.

    Battery life: EL-340: High 7hrs, Low 20hrs, Flash 100hrs, Rapid 3: 80hrs.

  • The Cateye EL-220 Cycle Light uses five LEDs and OptiCube lens technology to allow it to produce 220 candlepower from a compact design. With constant and flashing modes the HL-EL220 will run up to 60hrs on 4 AA batteries.


    • Cateye's exclusive tool-FREE FlexTight mounting bracket that allows you to quickly and easily attach the HL-EL220 to virtually any handlebar.
    • Dimension :99.0 X 44.0 X 44.0mm
    • Weight: 175 grams (with bracket and batteries)
    • Light source: 5mm white LED X5
    • Light output: 220+CD
    • Battery: AA alkaline battery X4
    • Runtime: Approx 60hrs in constant mode and 120hrs in flashing mode
  • One of the top performers on the market. The Rapid 1 has a high power LED similar to that used in the rear Rapid 3 and 5 with the convenience of USB charge in a compact little unit. The powerful LED combined with Cateye's reflector and opticube lens technology creates a light that is bright compact and efficient. 4 modes: Constant RVLR Flash Rapid flash Pulse flash. Battery life: 5hr constant 13 hour flash. USB Recharge: 8 hours.

  • The Cateye EL-130 Cycle Light boasts a simple effective design at an affordable price for those looking for a reliable light for commuting.

    • Single LED with Opticube technology
    • Compact and light only 2.5 x 3.5 x 9 cm
    • Constant / flashing modes
    • Up to 400 hours runtime.

  • The Cateye EL-120 Sport Opticube is the ideal front LED light for back up use or riding around the city. With an output of 50 candlepower the Sport Opticube is more than twice as bright as similarly priced LED lights. Features a newly designed mounting bracket that allows this light to be fitted or totally removed in seconds.

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