What better way to start the day at home than with a delicious cup of coffee expertly made by one of our stylish machines?

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  • Service Guarantee available:
    4 Year Protection £49.00

    Create Italian-quality espresso, cappuccinos, lattes and much more in your own home with the Gran Gaggia R18327/01 coffee machine – you'll savour every sip.

    Compact and stylish in its stainless steel finish, it looks great on any kitchen top as well giving you the perfect start to the day or finish to a great meal.

    Enjoy that coffee shop experience in your own home and experiment with different combinations of milk and coffee to find your own perfect drink, just the way you like it. You can use coffee grounds or ESE pods if preferred for convenience.

    The Gran Gaggia espresso machine can even be used to make hot water for tea or warm milk for hot chocolate.

    The panarello steamer attachment rotates for easy access to froth milk in seconds.

    Gaggia have been creating coffee machines since 1938 and have become a symbol of quality Italian coffee – enjoy the best in your own kitchen with the Gran Gaggia coffee machine.

    Useful info:

    • 15 bar pressure
    • 1 litre water tank
    • 950 watt motor
    • Perfect Crema filter, no tamping required
    • Use ground coffee or ESE pods
    • Stainless Steel cup warmer
    • Built-in accessories storage
    • Keeps filter and measuring spoon handy
    • Steam/hot water wand with Pannarello
    • Easy slide-out drip tray
    • Stainless steel body
    • Dimensions: H 29.7, W 20, D 26.5 cm
    • Gaggia RI8327/01 Gran Gaggia Espresso Machine

    Colour: Silver. PHILIPS helpline: 0800 331 6015.
  • Service Guarantee available:
    4 Year Protection £49.00

    The stylish Krups Nespresso U & Milk coffee machines comes with a Grand Crus tasting gift so you can explore some of the delicious coffees available to enjoy.

    You can make perfect espressos, lungo, cappuccinos and lattes in the comfort of your own home and the easy-to-use design requires no fuss.

    With a powerful 19 bars of pressure it takes less than 30 seconds to heat up and the Nespresso pod system is incredibly simple to use. There's also an aeroccino milk frother to give your coffee the perfect finishing touch to your latte or cappuccino.

    An adjustable water tank, aeroccino and cup support will fit to your available space and a removable drip tray ensures easy maintenance.

    Useful info:

    • Makes perfect espressos, lungo, cappuccinos and lattes
    • Patented Nespresso extraction system
    • 0.8-litre water tank
    • 1700-watt power
    • 19 bar pressure
    • Transparent water tank
    • Removable drip tray
    • 25-30 second heat up time
    • Auto shut off function
    • Anti-drip function
    • Aeroccino milk frother included
    • Adjustable water tank
    • Nespresso capsules Grand Crus tasting gift included
    • 3 soft touch controls: Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo
    • Can also be programmed to suit your tastes
    • Krups Nespresso U & Milk coffee machine

    Colour: Cream. KRUPS helpline: 0845 330 6460.
  • Replacement Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £23.00

    Make delicious specialist coffees in minutes with the great value DeLonghi EC145 espresso/cappuccino maker.

    Enjoy espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, Americanos and more any time you like – perfect for kick-starting your day or rounding off a great meal.

    The 1100-watt DeLonghi EC145 features 15 bars of pump pressure, so you get a great performance every time and a traditional milk frother adds the professional touch.

    The water boiler switches between espresso and steam production at the touch of a button and there's a filter holder for ground coffee.

    You can make one or two cups at the same time and adjustable steam emission gives you total control. The cappuccino system mixes steam air and milk to produce the perfect creamy creation.

    Useful info:

    • Perfect for espresso, cappuccino, latte, Americano
    • 15 bar pump pressure
    • Less than 60-second heat up time
    • Traditional milk frother
    • Variable height drip tray to suit your cup
    • 1100 watts
    • 1-litre water tank
    • Water level indicator
    • DeLonghi EC145 Espresso Cappuccino Maker Coffee Machine

    Colour: Black. DELONGHI helpline: 0845 600 6845.
  • Replacement Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £21.00

    Enjoy high quality filter coffee in your home with the stylish DeLonghi Brilliante coffee maker.

    With a moulded finish inspired by the crystal artwork of Varisco to create the shimmering effect of cut diamonds, the DeLonghi Brilliante ICMJ210.W will shine on any kitchen worktop.

    With a capacity for 10 cups of coffee, it's a brilliant addition to your home or office. The water level window, disposable filters, carafe warming plate and on/off switch ensure that not only does this machine make great coffee, but it stays simple and easy to use.

    The DeLonghi Brilliante coffee maker has a non-drip device that means you can remove the carafe at any time to pour coffee – even while it is brewing – and the auto shut-off feature also cuts out automatically after a certain amount of time if you forget to switch it off.

    For a coordinated look in your kitchen, we also sell the matching DeLonghi Brilliante kettle (see item number 96ZSR) and toaster (BV3PR).

    Useful info:

    • 1.3-litre capacity - 10 cups
    • Glass carafe with flip top lid (dishwasher safe)
    • Disposable filters
    • Non-drip device: jug can be removed even while coffee is brewing
    • Carafe warming plate to keep coffee hot
    • On/Off switch.
    • Non slip feet
    • Water level window
    • Colour: White
    • DeLonghi Brilliante ICMJ210.Wfilter coffee maker

    Colour: White. DELONGHI helpline: 0845 600 6845.
  • Replacement Guarantee available:
    4 Year Protection £27.00

    Sign up your new machine and get £10/€12 to spend in the Dolce Gusto webshop. Visit www.dolce-gusto.co.uk or www.dolce-gusto.ie for further details and more tasty benefits.

    Brew a fresh cup of gourmet coffee in under a minute with the Krups Dolce Gusto Piccolo coffee maker.

    The stylish Dolce Gusto KP100040 is based on a time-saving capsule system that lets you enjoy beautifully fresh coffee with no fuss and less cleaning.

    The Piccolo works with pre-ground, pre-sealed coffee capsules containing 100-percent Arabica fine ground coffee. Use one capsule for coffee or two capsules for cappuccino - just slide the lever to the desired coffee strength, and hey presto! Great tasting connoisseur coffees in a matter of seconds.

    With 15 bars of pump pressure and a Thermobloc pump and heating element, it delivers perfect pressure and water temperature to ensure professional results.

    This stylish, compact and easy to use kitchen accessory is ideal for the busy modern lifestyle and will look great on your kitchen worktop.

    Try a wide variety of drinks, with 18 flavours to choose from - all available online or in supermarkets.

    Useful info:

    • Coffee shop espresso quality with 15 bar pump pressure
    • 0.6-litre removable water filter
    • Compact - makes 3 cups
    • Magnet in pod for safety
    • Just insert pod and press lever - easy to use and clean
    • 15 bar pressure
    • Model: Dolce Gusto Piccolo coffee maker KP100040

    Colour: Black. Krups: 0845 330 6460.
  • Replacement Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £11.00

    Enjoy the unbeatable taste of freshly ground coffee in your own home with the DeLonghi Burr coffee grinder.

    With a large 120g bean capacity, you can make fresh coffee for up 12 people at once – the perfect end to any dinner party.

    The DeLonghi Burr coffee grinder includes a transparent bean container and lid, as well as a removeable powder container that make this stylish coffee grinder incredibly easy to use and maintain.

    Useful info:

    • Professional burr grinder
    • 120g coffee bean capacity
    • Grind selector
    • Cup selector - up to 12 cups
    • DeLonghi KG79 Burr coffee grinder

    Colour: Black. DELONGHI helpline: 0845 600 6845.
  • Service Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £49.00

    Create perfect coffees tailored to your own tastes with the De'Longhi Magnifica Bean-to-cup Coffee Maker.

    Now you can conjure up coffee shop-quality Espressos, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Americanos and other milk-based coffee drinks at just the touch of a button.

    Use pre-ground coffee or grind your own beans to release the true flavour, with a choice of 13 grinding settings to ensure the perfect flavour – you'll never go back to instant coffee again once you've experienced the De'Longhi Magnifica.

    You can prepare 2 cups in a single brewing and an adjustable coffee dispenser (for different cup sizes) mean you get the coffee you want, every single time.

    Other great features include a traditional milk frothing nozzle to quickly heat and froth fresh milk for Lattes to Cappuccinos and auto rinse and descale functions for easy cleaning and always fresh coffee.

    The brewing unit is removable for easy cleaning and the Instant Reheat function ensure your De'Longhi coffee maker is always at the ideal temperature for an Espresso, no matter how long the interval between cups.

    Useful info:

    • 1.8-litre water capacity
    • 15 bar pressure
    • 1450 watts
    • Suitable for ground coffee or beans
    • Coffee strength selector
    • Water level indicator
    • Variable height delivery spout to suit your cup
    • Rapid heat up time
    • Auto shut-off
    • Milk frother
    • Temperature control
    • Personalise and memory drinks functions
    • Adjustable burr grinder
    • Better than A energy rating
    • DeLonghi ESAM 04.110.S Magnifica coffee maker

    Colour: Silver. DELONGHI helpline: 0845 600 6845.
  • Service Guarantee available:
    4 Year Protection £49.00

    15 bar pump pressure. With coffee filter for 1 and 2 cups of ground coffee and a special filter for ESE pods. Removable 1.25 litre water tank. Chromed brass filter holder and ring ensures a consistent temperature. Panarello steamer rotates for easy access to froth milk in seconds and also delivers hot water for tea and other hot drinks. Stainless steel boiler. 2 year guarantee. Anti-drip system.

    Colour: Red.
  • Service Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £45.00

    Sign up your new machine and get £10/€12 to spend in the Dolce Gusto webshop. Visit www.dolce-gusto.co.uk or www.dolce-gusto.ie for further details and more tasty benefits.

    Multi-beverage maker, including perfect espresso, cappuccinos, caffelatte, and deeply indulgent chococinos, all at the touch of a button.

    • 1.5 litre capacity.
    • 1500-watt power
    • 5bar automatic pressure
    • 7-level LED Play and Select system

    Either follow the recommended dosage on the capsule or personalise your drink to taste. Thermoblock heating element, rapid marpreheating. Removable and adjustable drip tray. Auto stand by mode after 5 minutes. Built-in LED that illuminates your coffee with a stylish blue light. On/off switch with LED ( green /red). Stop safety device, without capsule holder no water delivery. Removable 1.5 litre water reservoir. Easy introduction of capsules.

    Colour: Black.
  • Replacement Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £37.00

    Sign up your new machine and get £10/€12 to spend in the Dolce Gusto webshop. Visit www.dolce-gusto.co.uk or www.dolce-gusto.ie for further details and more tasty benefits.

    Create your own coffee shop-quality drinks in seconds with the DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Genio 2 – you can even customise them to your exact requirements.

    There's a range of 25 capsules to pick from created by coffee experts Nescafe, which means no mess, no fuss, just great coffee. You can also use the XL function to adjust the strength of your coffee according to your personal taste.

    From espresso to cappuccino to skinny latte machiato and indulgent chococino - you'll be spoilt for choice. Just pop in the capsule of your choice and let your Dolce Gusto Genio do the work.

    The integrated Genio lever also gives you the option of following your capsule's recommendation or adjust to personalise your drink. The thermoblock heating system maintains a steady temperature to ensure fresh, tasty drinks in double quick time.

    Espressos take just 20 seconds following machine warm up - other varieties may take longer.

    Useful info:

    • Genio integrated lever to control and personalise your drink
    • Hot or cold drinks buttons
    • 15 bar pressure
    • Fast heat-up
    • 1-litre water capacity
    • 7 level LED Play and Select system
    • Variable height drip tray to suit your cup
    • Auto stand-by after 5 minutes
    • DeLonghi EDG465.B Dolce Gusto Genio 2 drinks maker

    Colour: Black. DELONGHI helpline: 0845 600 6845.
  • Service Guarantee available:
    4 Year Protection £75.00

    Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal's Sage Dual Boiler Coffee Machine is built around the understanding that perfect coffee requires precision temperature and pressure control.

    There are dedicated stainless steel steam boilers for steam and espresso, with coffee produced at the ideal 93 degrees while you can simultaneously froth your milk to create superb lattes or cappuccinos in double quick time.

    An Over Pressure Valve limits the maximum pressure throughout the extraction, preventing bitter flavours in the shot.

    It also offers a true low pressure pre-infusion, which gradually increases the pressure to gently expand the grinds for an even extraction, for a smoother taste.

    The digital display makes easy work of setting up your coffee requirements and a handy descale button makes easy work of keeping your coffee maker clean.

    Useful info:

    • Part of Heston Blumenthal's Sage range
    • 2200-watt power
    • 15 bar Italian made pump
    • Stainless steel dual boilers
    • Simultaneous extraction and texturing
    • Temperature, pre-infusion pressure and duration are all programmable
    • PID control limits extraction temperature to +/-1°C
    • Low pressure pre-infusion
    • Over Pressure Valve limits extraction pressure to 9 bars
    • User descaleable boilers
    • Integrated magnetic tamper
    • Back-lit LCD interface
    • Sage Dual Boiler Coffee Machine BES920UK

    Colour: Brushed Stainless Steel. SAGE helpline: 0844 3345110.
  • Replacement Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £34.00

    Krups XN212040 Nespresso Essenza Auto Espresso Machine.

    The Krups Nespresso Machine, Coffee and Club are the inseparable components of this innovative system, which allow you to prepare a perfect espresso, cup after cup, in the comfort of your own home.

    The Krups Essenza Auto coffee machine allows automatic and programmable water sizing as well as an energy saving mode for espresso and long black (lungo) drinks. With its stylish piano black finish with compact design, auto eject and capsule container for up to 12 capsules, its perfect for any home.

    Water pressure, temperature and extraction duration have all been calculated with great precision to ensure that all the aromas from each Grand Cru are expressed, to give the coffee body and create an exceptionally thick and smooth crema.

    Nespresso offers 16 Grands Crus, each one with a distinct personality. When you buy a Nespresso machine, you become a member of the Nespresso Club where you can conveniently order your Grand Cru coffees.
    Useful info:

    • Patented Nespresso extraction system
    • Up to 19 bar pressure at precise temperature
    • Coffee machine power: 1260 watts
    • Water Capacity: 1 litre
    • Container for up to 12 used capsules
    • Automatic and programmable water sizing and energy saving mode
    • Uses hermetically sealed Nespresso capsules
    • Welcome pack containing 16 capsules
    • 3-years manufacturer warranty
    • Weight 3.7kg
    • Krups XN212040 Nespresso Essenza Auto Espresso Machine

    Colour: Piano Black. KRUPS helpline: 0845 330 6460.
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