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    3 Year Protection £65.00

    Soundbar speaker. 3D sound control. 320-watt. Wi-Fi built-in. Plays Blu ray, DVD and CDs.

    PANASONIC helpline: 0844 844 3899.
  • Service Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £65.00

    The Samsung HW-F550 soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer gives you cinematic sound quality without the need to clutter your room with an array of speakers.

    Most home cinema systems include a selection of speakers that have to be located around your lounge – but the Samsung HW-F550 saves on space while still delivering an incredible sound experience.

    With 310 Watts of power, this compact Samsung sound bar can be mounted on a wall above or below your TV set, or placed on a shelf or surface. The wireless subwoofer bass unit can be placed anywhere in the room to deliver some impressive bottom end power.

    3D Sound + feature creates a stunning illusion of surround sound to really take your home viewing to the next level.

    It's also Bluetooth compatible, so you can use it to wirelessly stream music stored on your PC, tablet, smartphone or laptop.

    Useful info:

    • 310 Watt total output
    • 2.1 channel speaker system with Bluetooth
    • Wireless subwoofer
    • USB port. HDMI
    • Optical connections
    • Crystal amplifier pro
    • Wall mountable
    • H 4.5, w 90.6, d 7 cm
    • Samsung HW-F550 soundbar
    SAMSUNG helpline: 03307 267 864.
  • Service Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £65.00

    The SB 400 is a complete home theatre sound system comprised of only a single amplified soundbar with Dolby®� Virtual Speaker technology and a wireless powered subwoofer.

    Just connect the soundbar directly to your television, Blu-ray Disc player or game console, and plug the subwoofer into any convenient power outlet.

    You'll enjoy rich, full-spectrum 2.1-channel output that dramatically improves the sound of any TV monitor.

    Or you can select 3-D surround processing to create a realistic 360° soundstage electronically.

    Either way, the SB 400 delivers true JBL performance with the absolute minimum number of components and all without a speaker wire in sight.

Results: 1 - 3 (of 3)
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