Into fashion and want to know more about the latest trends? Very have teamed up with tech gurus HP to show you how our Fashion shoots come together from start to finish using the latest HP devices. But ssssh... it's a secret sneak peak.

The HP Spectre is my laptop choice on shoot because not only is it lightweight and slim, but the sound quality is amazing. Music is really important to me as I need to set the mood for the shoot, with HP Lounge I am able to play all the latest songs and log in whatever the location.

This laptop is great for when I am on set because it can be a laptop or tablet which makes it really easy for reference. I can look at the shots whilst I am adding the finishing touches so that I know what is needed. I love the flexibility to switch modes!

The HP Spectre X2 is great when I am on location. It means I can carry it around with me and take photos to ensure the quality is what is required. The screen quality allows me to see any focus areas.

I love how this laptop is so flexible! When I am tired from a shoot, I can change the mode of the laptop so it sits upright and watch films on the sofa. It is great when I am travelling as I can Skype my boyfriend and family so they don't forget who I am! It also has a really long battery life, so I don't have to worry about charging it all the time..

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