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Welcome to the life of Georgie Starkie, Nike+ Training Club Trainer and Muay Thai athlete.
Bringing you access all areas to her active lifestyle as well as the relative norms of a 22 year old.

My Story

Georgie Starkie

•   22 years old from the Wirral
•   Professional Muay Thai Boxer, Ranked 6 in the UK
•   Moved to London at 18 and got into MMA
•   Competed for GB at dressage from age 15 - 18

Being a competitive athlete as a muay thai boxer ranked 6 in the UK, is not just about having a competition every now and again, it's my life, you never know when there may be a competition looming, or a pull out that you may be able to step up to! So training is always on point and setting targets and goals to reach in training to improve performance is a daily occurrence! Step aside from the training, I have the great pleasure of making sure those around me are getting their fitness gains too!

Making my dollar involves working as a Personal Trainer at Equinox, teaching Muay Thai and Boxing classes, and teaching NIKE Training Club!

My job isn't just a job, it's who I am.

Keep your day as healthy and as active as possible between your schedule, and check out my 20 min workout that you can blitz out at home/outside or at the gym if you fancy some inspiration!

Peace and POW (fist punch) to you all!

Love Georgie x

Check out Georgie's top tips below
for the ultimate journey


20 Min Workout

It's going to take 20 mins! Don't over think it just do it!

If you haven't already got the Nike+ Training Club App it's the best app to keep you motivated and guided through a variety of workouts!

Here is a workout I like to get stuck into with little time and get that post workout high!


Warm Up

Lets go! When you feel you're started to sweat than you can go on and start training.


Circuit 1
Complete This Circuit x2!

1 - Bridges x10
2 - One leg dead lift x10 each leg
3 - Lateral Lunge x10 each leg
4 - Press Up x10
5 - Side Hip Raises x10 each side

Feeling warmer, now let's get our sweat on! Ready...?


Circuit 2
Complete This Circuit x3!

1 - Squat Jumps x16
2 - Walkout Press up x12
3 - Jumping Lunges x16 (total)
4 - Sit ups with 2 punches x12
5 - Burpee & Right Side Kick, Burpee & L Side Kick x12 (total)

Congratulations a high intensity 20 min workout...


Top Tips If You're New To Training

Consistency is the key, workout 3/4 times a week keep your goals attainable to keep motivated!

Make sure you get correct footwear for the road and treadmill if you are wanting to increase your running, and you get a functional training shoe to maximise your potential and comfort when getting agile!

Incorporate high intensity intervals in your training (HIIT). Effective if you don't have much time and will give amazing changes over time. Even if it's just 15 mins, a selection of simple body resistant exercises such as jumping jacks, push ups, mountain climbers can be done anywhere!

Stretch out. Never finish a workout without spending a few minutes stretching your muscles; giving your body a much-needed stretch will ensure that you increase your flexibility and ease delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) the next day.


Nutrition & Snacks I Love When Training

Eating around your training is vital to your progress.
Here are my top tips to get the nutrients you need for the best results in the gym!

Eat more:
F - fruits and veggies     O - organic lean proteins     O - omega 3 fatty acids     D - drink water

Eat 4-6 small meals per day to avoid cravings, keep blood sugar levels stable, and keep hunger at bay.
Reduce artificial sweeteners in drinks as it they will interfere with your sense of fullness, and can cause you to eat more.


Green Juice

Replace your sugar-laden coffee/latte with an energising green juice. Low in sugar and rich in nutrients gives you a boost of energy when you need it the most. A low-glycemic juice is your best option to maintain energy. Added sugars can cause a spike in energy levels, and therefore, an energy crash later on.


Post Work-Out Snack

A Post-workout snack is mix of protein and greens: Chicken and a colorful salad. Eating protein after exercise helps rebuild muscles that you've just been working on while also helping to ease DOMS. Easy to do and satisfying!


Eggs, Spinach & Smoked Salmon

Classic, Quick and easy. Great for a hearty breakfast starter, or a midday meal. Change up the way you cook the eggs and spinach to add variety. Scrambled, boiled, poached. Cold crunchy spinach or sauteed. Perfect pre and post workout!


Pears & Peanut Butter

Pears are easily portable and provide carbs along with water for hydration. Add 2/3 teaspoons of Peanut butter to keep those sugar craving fulfilled and get the right carb and protein balance.


Hairstyle Tips

Having long hair is the most annoying and wonderful thing ever!
Check out my favourite styles to keep my hair in place while training and looking sleek.


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Get The Look And Be #BetterForIt

Introducing our favourite head-to-toe looks for running, training and all day style.
The perfect gear, stories and inspiration to keep you moving.

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Results: 37 - 48 (of 1298)  |  Show 99 per page