The leader of the Turtles, Leonardo aspires to be a brave, decisive, perfect hero. Unfortunately, for the moment at least, he's an inexperienced teen, with three smartaleck brothers. It's the gap between his aspiration and current situation that is the greatest source of frustration in Leo's life.

He's the most driven of the four Turtles, training and studying relentlessly. He tends to be hard on himself, but his diligence does not go unnoticed. He is the favoured student (the uchi-deshi) of Splinter, whose approval he very much craves.

Raphael is the biggest and toughest of the four brothers. A straight-up brawler, he has very little patience for things like stealth, hiding in shadows or keeping his voice down.

While he's fiecely loyal to his brothers, he's often also the one giving them a hard time. Raphael is the one most likely to strike out on his own when he feels slighted or underappreciated. Raphael's temper can get the better of him, causing him to get into situations over his head.

Donatello creates all of the team's gadgets - from the simplest bo staff to their incredible vehicles - from things he's literally scrounged from a trash heap. He's utterly brilliant, obsessively detail-oriented and often impatient that his brothers can't keep up with him intellectually. But Donnie also happens to be the most socially awkward of the Turtles - especially when April is nearby.

The smallest and least mature of the brothers, Mikey is wasily distracted and enthusiastic about... well... pretty much everything. He's also extremely creative. He has a thousand ideas and, every now and then, one of them will be brilliant! His combination of creativity and lack of focus gives him a kind of "flow" in combat that the other Turtles cannot match. He's a social animal (well, mutant), and more than the others, he yearns to be part of the real world.

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Results: 1 - 12 (of 108)  |  Show 99 per page