GPS (Global Positioning) Systems

GPS or Global Positioning Systems are easy-to-use satellite navigation devices which make getting lost a thing of the past. They work by using a network of satellites orbiting the Earth to pinpoint your exact location and then use in-built mapping software to plot your route. You can choose from shortest or quickest routes, add in pick up points and even avoid traffic jams.

The latest technology now means large clear displays, 3D graphics and detailed maps of the UK and/or Europe. Simply plug into the cigarette lighter socket and you have an instant co-pilot offering precise directions to your destination of choice.


Look out for the following features:

Satellite Navigation Features
Screen size The larger the screen size, the clearer and easier to use
Detailed maps of UK & Europe* Door-to-door navigation in your region and cross border navigation to any town in Europe.
Voice guided instructions Choice of voices and clear spoken instructions so there is no need to take your eyes off the road.
Dynamic routing If you were to take a wrong turn, this feature will automatically re-route you on the right track.
Points of Interest Directions and voice alerts for local services and points of interest to make your trips more interesting.
Touch screen technology Some models feature touch screen technology for easy to use navigation at your fingertips.
Hands-free calling Some models feature a hands-free car kit using Bluetooth® technology. So you can make & receive calls as you drive with your Bluetooth mobile phone.
Memory card slot This is where you can add or store new maps to your unit.
Safety camera locations* For added security some units with this feature will alert you to speed cameras and accident blackspots. (A subscription charge may apply in some instances).
Traffic information* Some models can receive and display live traffic information to help you avoid traffic jams. (A subscription charge may apply in some instances).
Waypoints Add in pick-up/drop-off points to your route.

* May require installation via a PC or Laptop with broadband internet connection.

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