Dishwashers Buying Guide

Did you know that Dishwashers use less water and energy than washing by hand, and wash more hygienically too? So why stand around doing the dishes each night, when you could be watching your favourite soap instead. Just click on a link below, to jump down to further information about the Dishwashers area you're interested in:

Types of Dishwasher

Fullsize Dishwashers

Designed to fit into a standard 60cm cabinet space, most full-sized dishwashers hold a standard 12 place settings, big enough to wash breakfast, lunch and tea for the average family.

Slimline Dishwashers

Designed for compact kitchens, slimline dishwashers are usually around 45cm wide, fit under a worktop and hold around 9 place settings.

Place settings

A dishwasher's capacity is calculated on the number of 'place settings' it holds. A place setting is defined as 1 dinner plate, 1 soup plate, 1 dessert plate, 1 tea cup and 1 saucer, 1 tumbler, 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 soup spoon, 1 tea spoon and 1 dessert spoon.

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Energy Efficiency

Fullsize Dishwashers

All our dishwashers are issued with a performance class rating for Energy, Wash & Dry. Each of these are graded from 'A - G', with 'A' being the best most efficient and economical in terms of water consumption, washing & drying performance.

Look for the energy saving recommended label if you want the most energy efficient appliances for your home.

Energy Table

Energy efficiency gradings

All dishwashers receive an energy efficiency grading ranging from A - G (A being the most efficient and economical).

Standardised tests, monitored by Trading Standards, are carried out across the industry and manufacturers are responsible for grading their own machines, taking into account water consumption, washing and drying performance.

Energy Saving Tips

Save Energy & Money by following these simple steps:

  • If you need to wash smaller loads use 'half load' or 'economy' setting.

  • Use lower temperature washes - many detergents work best at lower temperatures, typically 40-55 degrees, with some designed to work at 30 degrees.

  • Use short wash cycles when dishes are only lightly soiled.

  • Look out for the energy saving recommended logo on laundry & dishwashers.

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Dishwasher Programmes

Dishwashers can offer several different programme options, so look for the programme options that best suit your lifestyle. These are just a few of the most popular examples...

Various Dishwasher Programmes
Quick Wash For lightly soiled dishes or when you haven't got time for a full wash cycle to run.
Economy Wash Uses the minimum amount of water and washes the dishes quickly.
Intensive Wash Programme To shift that really baked on food. Ideal for pots and pans.
Glassware An extra delicate wash to ensure glasses are not damaged and come out sparkling clean.

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Other Features

Other features you might want to look for...

Other Dishwasher Features
Noise Want a quieter dishwasher? Top models have noise levels below 50dBa that are so quiet you may not even notice they are running...shh!
Flood Protection Many dishwashers have built-in flood protection, with a sensor that activates to close off the water inlet valve. If you have carpets in or near the kitchen then you may want to consider this when choosing your dishwasher.
Adjustable Baskets Allows you to adjust the height of the to basket to make space for big pans in the bottom or tall glasses in the top.
Time Delay Delay the wash start time to suit you, to take advantage of cheap overnight electricity, or set to wash just before you get home from work.
Half Load Save time, water and energy when washing small loads in either the top or bottom of the machine.
Cold Fill All dishwashers are cold fill and heat the water to the required temperature for each programme; this is more energy efficient and works better with today's detergents.

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Supplier Helpline
AEG Electrolux 00 44 08705 350 350
Beko 00 44 08707 741 050
Bosch 00 44 08702 400 060
Candy 00 44 08705 400 600
Electra 00 44 08705 168 299
Electrolux 00 44 08705 950 950
Hoover 00 44 08705 400 600
Hotpoint 00 44 08701 506 070
Indesit 00 44 08701 506 070
Servis 00 44 08705 168 299
Siemens 00 44 08705 678 910
Zanussi Electrolux 00 44 08705 727 727

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