Here's everything you need to help
you find your perfect rug - from the
right material to the right design
to set off your rooms in style.

Colour fast and highly
resistant to stains &
moisture with little fibre

Easy clean and
resilient, great
for heavy traffic

Hard-wearing and
long lasting with a
lovely sheen. Ideal
for medium to heavy
traffic areas.

Soft, durable and
hard-wearing with
the look and feel
of wool without
the price tag.

Soft and silky, viscose
is usually combined
with other fibres for
extra durability.

Luxuriously soft and
resilient, and great
at repelling water.
They'll shed fewer
fibres over time.

Soft, resilient and
durable, Jute is a
natural fibre most
commonly used to
make flat weave rugs.

Rugs can be constructed in
various ways. Here's our easy
guide to help you understand
the strengths and differences.

Yarn is pushed through
a mesh or canvas base,
by hand or by machine
to form a pile on the
front of the rug.

The pile is carved or cut
to varying heights to create
a luxuriously detailed design
with a 3D effect.

Cosy underfoot, these
tufted rugs have a longer
pile. Any fibre shedding
will decrease over time.

No pile means these are flat
and can be slid into any space.
They're often reversible and
can be hand or machine woven.

Softer and denser tufted rugs
featuring clipped loops which
which create individual tufts of
yarn on the surface of the rug.

The loops aren't cut in these
tufted rugs so they're all the
same height. Ideal for high
traffic areas.

Carpets don't just look good and
provide safe, hardwearing floor
cover, they can help with sound
insulation and save energy, too.

Carpets made from polypropylene
are hard-wearing, durable and
easy-clean. Plus they're colour
fast and resist stains and moisture.

Great for heavy traffic areas,
these carpets are colour fast,
easy clean and stain resistant.
They flatten less than
polypropylene or polyester.

Hard-wearing and easy clean
with a more lustrous sheen than
other synthetic fibres. They can
flatten easily.

Luxuriously soft and
naturally water repellent,
wool carpets are soft,
warm and easy clean.
Good for insulation
and dirt resistant.

Very popular tufted carpets
with cut loops which can have
a luxuriously long - or twisted pile.
Sometimes combined with loop pile.

The loops in these carpets
can be level for a uniform look
or can vary in height for
a patterned/textured
effect. Often combined
with cut pile.

Available in plain solid colours
or colour combos for a marled
or heather effect, "twist pile"
is less prone to show footprints.

Get the look of real wood or tiled
flooring without the cost. Available as
wood-effect plank, wood-effect 3-strip
or tile-effect. All FSC mixed sourced.

Laminates consist of high a performance moisture resistant, backing layer that forms a stable base,
a high density core designed to withstand dents and other wear (usually made from a high density fibreboard (HDF),
and a photographic layer which replicates natural floor types, topped by a protective scratch resistant layer for durability.

This is the best of both worlds, combining the look and feel of real wood with the more hardwearing properties
of laminate. 3-5 layers of wood are fixed together with a cross grain construction (giving better durability and stability
than solid wood flooring) topped by a real wood veneer on the surface.

Usually available between 15mm and 20mm in thickness, in a variety of board sizes and finishes - oiled, stained,
brushed or hand-scraped. Solid wood flooring is more likely to show dents and scratches than laminates or engineered
flooring but you can re-sand and re-finish the solid wood several times (if needed) to restore its naturally distinctive appearance.

Practical and stylish in wood-effect or tile designs, vinyl is made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) a strong, durable,
water-resistant plastic - great for bathroom and kitchen floors. Vinyl flooring consists of four layers, a dual purpose
back coat that offsets any unevenness in the floor underneath and provides a cushion layer for comfort and insulation,
a carrier layer (typically a glass fibre web) that's coated and printed with the design. There's a wear layer
(usually 0.3mm thick) that's added to the carrier layer and finally a slip-resistant top layer for a textured finish effect.

Rugs vary in size enormously, from small
door mats to very large area rugs. Smaller
rugs can be used to break up a room whilst
larger rugs give an impression of space.

Some rugs are available in smaller and larger sizes than those detailed above,
but dimensions are clearly stated in the copy.

Selected carpets are also available in 5m (16ft 5in) widths by the
same lengths indicated the below tables.

When purchasing a carpet, please take into
account where the carpet will be fitted, Heavy
traffic areas such as the hall, landing and
stairs will be subject to the heaviest wear,
and therefore it is advisable to invest in a
better quality carpet and underlay for these
areas. Heavy traffic areas are better suited to
a hard wearing surface texture, whilst rooms
with less traffic are suitable for longer pile
carpets which have a plush look and feel.

Please take advantage of our
to check for colour match and carpet
weight/quality before ordering.

In the above example the room measurements are 3.8m x 4.3m
(16.34m2) so you'll need to order a room size carpet 4m x 4.57m.

When measuring for carpets, draw a plan of your room and measure the overall width and length, making a note of the
longest and widest points, and taking into account any alcoves, fireplaces etc. and adding on an extra 10cm to each
measurement to allow for trimming Multiplying the width and length measurements will give you the square meterage
needed to carpet the room.

Our carpets are generally available in room size 4m width pieces by specified lengths, as follows:

"We recommend that
wherever possible,
carpets are fitted by
a professional fitter."

When ordering, the price quoted will be for the room sized piece, however
the equivalent square metre price will also be shown for comparison purposes.

All of our carpets are manufactured with an in-built felt backing, and can be used without a separate underlay.
However a separate underlay is always recommended as it will help to improve cushioning and will extend the
carpet's lifespan. Our carpet underlay is suitable for all rooms and offers protection against carpet wear.
Our carpet underlay is lightweight and easy to cut, and offers good heat insulation, as well as prolonging
the life of your carpet.

Our laminate and wooden flooring is sold in packs. Measure the width and
length of your room in metres, multiplying the longest point by the widest
point to give you the square metre figure.

Add a minimum of 5% to the square metreage to allow for trimming
and wastage. Divide this figure into the square metre pack figure
and this tells you how many packs you need.

Our laminate and wooden flooring is sold
in packs of varying square meterage.

Please take advantage of our
(available for certain lines) to check for colour
match and quality before ordering.

"Square metre and
pack prices are shown
for our laminate and
wooden flooring."

Our laminate underlay is a 2.5mm thick foam underlay with a damp proof membrane
attached and sold in rolls of 15 square metres. Suitable for all areas of the home.

Flooring fitting kit ideal for laying laminate or engineered wood flooring.
Our fitting kit contains all of the necessary tools to make fitting your floor as easy
as possible. Each kit contains 10mm spacers, a pulling bar and a knocking block.

When measuring for vinyl measure the
overall width and length, making a note
of the longest and widest points.

Please take advantage of our
for certain lines) to check for colour match
and quality before ordering.

Our vinyl is available in 3 widths by specified lengths as follows:

When fitting vinyl, always make sure that the sub-floor (e.g. concrete or floorboards)
is smooth and well prepared. This will prevent any imperfections from showing through
(and possibly damaging the vinyl).

Great tips to make your
rug last longer.

Vacuum your rug once a week using a cylinder cleaner as this has a gentler action than an upright.
If you do use an upright, to prevent damage, don't use the beater bar, use the tools instead.

If your rugs are in direct sunlight, turn them regularly to prevent fading (especially rugs made from natural fibres).

Blot up stains and spillages, rather than rub them as rubbing can spread the stain and damage the fibres.
Some deep colours may stain when wet.

Always follow the care instructions provided with your rug, especially where specialist care is needed
(sheepskin, wool etc.)

Trim any loose ends or snags with scissors.

If your rug arrives with any creases that don't fall out after a few days, try laying it face down to speed up the process.
If you find it doesn't lie flat at first, unroll your rug, and then re-roll it in the opposite direction, unroll again and vacuum
gently before leaving it flat for 24 hours for the pile to recover.

Although wool and long pile rugs can shed fibres when new, this should reduce over the first weeks of use.
It's perfectly normal for some rugs to continue light shedding throughout their lifetime. Regular vacuuming
will help to keep fibre shedding to a minimum.

As well as stopping your rug slipping on hard floors, rug grippers help prevent the corners from rolling up and increase
your rug's durability. They'll also help to avoid any colour transfer from deep dyed rugs (which can stain when wet)
to the floor underneath. Rug grippers can be cut to suit any size of rug.

Great tips to keep your carpet
looking good.

Vacuuming your carpet when it's first laid will remove any excess fibres and restore the pile.

Regular vacuuming will prevent dirt becoming embedded in the carpet fibres (especially in high traffic areas)
and prolong its life.

Cut pile carpets can seem to develop light and dark patches (shading) that are caused by the pile flattening
and lying in different directions. Regular vacuuming will help to restore the pile.

Using the suction/nozzle head of your vacuum cleaner to clean your loop pile carpet will stop the loops becoming
matted or distorted. Loop carpets are best avoided if you have pets as their claws can snag in the loops.

You can use a doormat or utility rug to help prevent outside dirt soiling your carpet, whilst rugs are great
for protecting carpets used in heavy traffic areas.

Trim any loose ends or snags with scissors.

Tackling spills immediately will help to avoid staining. Scrape any solid substances off the carpet first,
and then use a clean, dry cloth or paper towel to blot off excess liquid. Next use a clean, damp cloth
to remove any remaining stain. Always work from the edge of the stain inwards to prevent spreading.
Pat or blot, don't rub as rubbing can damage the pile.

Ideally your carpets should be professionally cleaned every couple of years and you should consult
a professional cleaner for help with difficult stains.

All of our carpets are backed by a 3, 5, or 7-year manufacturer's stain and wear warranty with terms
as summarised below:

Carpets are for residential use only.
First purchase only.
Carpets must be fitted by a professional fitter.
Proof of purchase must be supplied.
Keep a piece of the carpet left over from fitting to provide proof of carpet as purchased.
Carpets need to be properly cleaned and maintained.

Great tips to keep your flooring
looking good.

Always follow the fitting and care instructions provided with the laminate.

Use a brush or your vacuum cleaner to remove any loose dirt or dust.

Tackle spills immediately to prevent water seeping between the boards and causing them
to swell and warp over time.

If you use a mop, make sure it's damp not wet.

Only use cleaning solutions recommended by the manufacturer.

Using a doormat, utility rug and felt pads on the bottom of furniture legs will help to protect
your laminate or wooden floor.

To prevent scratches and dents, never drag furniture across your laminate or wooden floor.

For further advice, contact our supplier helpline 0871 250 8090.

Great tips to keep your vinyl flooring
looking good.

Use a brush or your vacuum cleaner to remove any loose dirt or dust.

Keep your vinyl clean by sweeping, careful vacuuming or using a warm water mop.

Only use cleaning solutions recommended by the manufacturer.

Using a doormat, utility rug and felt pads on the bottom of furniture legs will help to protect your vinyl floor.

To prevent scratches and dents, never drag furniture across your vinyl floor.


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