Fit out your kitchen and utility in style with the latest Candy appliances.
With the new smart features, you can control your appliances from your Android phone.

Washing Machines

Candy Bianca BWM 149PH7
9kg Load, 1400 Spin
Washing Machine with Wi-Fi

A 1400rpm spin speed, steam function, delay start,
variable spin speed, and variable temperature options.
This Candy washing machine from the Bianca range is
the smartest washing machine on the market.

Wi-Fi connectivity means the machine can be controlled
remotely through your smartphone, by talking or texting
- giving you advice on which programs to use or asking to
begin a program.

Wash everything in less time with Bianca's unique
Zoom feature. With a 9kg or 10 kg load capacity it can
wash a mixed load of any fabric type in any colour, using
any programme you want, all in just 59 minutes.

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Our favourite feature

Now you can do the laundry just by talking to
your washing machine!

The Simply-fi app uses voice activation
software which allows you to control the
machine with your voice.

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Tumble Dryers

Candy GVCD101BC 10kg Condenser Sensor Tumble Dryer

Sensor technology automatically stops the machine once the clothes inside have dried to the required level to ensure there is no danger of exposing your clothes to too much heat.

Ensure everything is dry and ready to wear again with the
large 10kg load, making it an ideal family-sized machine.
Not only will it save you time, but with a B energy rating, it’ll help to save money too.

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Our favourite feature

With 18 special programmes, you can find the right setting for your load! Just chose from Iron Dry, Cupboard Dry, Extra Dry or Bone Dry.

Average Customer Rating:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I absolutely love this product. So spacious
inside, means I can dry big loads quickly.
Lots of great features too!”

Brucie, Littlewoods Customer
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Washer Dryers

GVSW496DC Smart Touch Washer Dryer 9kg Wash, 6kg Dry

Compete with Candy Simply Fi technology, you can control, monitor and manage the appliance via your mobile device through the Candy Simply FI app.

Automatically optimises washing time, water and energy consumption to keep your costs to a minimum while ensuring your clothes stay looking bright for longer.

A great range of wash programmes includes an incredibly handy 59-minute Wash & Dry cycle that will have your essential items ready to wear again in under an hour.

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Our favourite feature

With its large 9kg wash capacity – equivalent to 45 shirts – and wide range of programmes, this is the perfect model for a busy family.

Average Customer Rating:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“The Candy smart touch is an excellent machine - I just select the program from the Android app on my smart phone, touch my phone onto the Candy washer dryer and programme starts. Love the machine and service from Littlewoods 10/10.”

Terry, Littlewoods Customer

Candy CCBF5182WWK 55cm
Frost-Free Fridge Freezer
with Water Dispenser

You get a number of storage options in the
fridge, including 4 glass shelves, 3 door balconies
for your bottles, jars and dairy products
and a large salad drawer.

Just 55cm wide but 185cm tall, this is the
perfect solution when you haven’t got a lot of floor
space, still letting you enjoy a spacious 174-litre
capacity fridge and 81-litre freezer.

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Our favourite feature

If you fancy chilled water every day then you’ll
love the water dispenser in the door – and
you don’t have to have it plumbed in, so you
can top it up as and when it’s needed

Average Customer Rating:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Really pleased and satisfied with purchase. Water tap especially popular as bottles/flasks can be refilled easily.”

Maggie, Littlewoods Customer

Candy CDPE6350 15-Place
Full Size Dishwasher

There are 10 programmes to choose from to
suit all your needs, from washing heavily soiled
pans to giving your glasses a gentle wash
when you’re hosting a party.

With a 15-place interior, you can
get lots of pots in one clean
– perfect for hungry families!

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Our favourite feature

The digital display means it’s simple
to use and impressively quiet too, with
the delay start option meaning you can
run it whenever suits you best.

Average Customer Rating:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Speedy delivery service and contact about delivery, easy to fit in, the settings are easy to follow, it’s so quiet and beeps to let you know it’s finished and it is a great addition to my new kitchen in my new home.”

Rebecca, Littlewoods Customer

Built-in Cooking

Candy FPE6071/6X
Built-In Single Fan Oven

Pick between fan, conventional, fan assisted, pizza
function, defrost, variable grilling and fan assisted
depending on what you’re creating.

65-litre capacity electric oven includes an
integrated full-width variable grill to make
maximum use of your space.

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Candy CLG64SGX 60cm 4 Burner
Gas Hob with Cast Iron Pan
Supports and Side Control Knobs

The Candy hob has stylish side controls and four gas burners, including a rapid burner for high intense cooking.

With cast iron pan supports giving added stability,
these pan supports are durable and easy to clean.

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Candy CCE162X 60cm
Chimney Cooker Hood

Equipped with 3 handy speed settings and simple
push button controls
, you can keep your cooking
space free from odours.

It even comes with halogen lighting to deliver
perfect illumination of the hob surface below.

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Built-in Laundry

Candy CBWM814DC
8kg Load, 1400 Spin Integrated Washing Machine

With a generous 8kg load capacity and 3 rapid wash cycles
to choose from, this Candy washing machine is a
great choice for busy homes.

It features a delayed start option of up to 23 hours, giving you maximum flexibility to meet all of your laundry requirements.

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Built-in Cooling

Candy CCVB30UK 30c
Integrated Wine Fridge

Store up to 19 x 0.75 wine bottles with this sleek and
stylish integrated Candy wine fridge.

Store your wine bottles at an optimum temperature
between 5 - 22ºC, with fan assisted operation to
maintain a consistent temperature.

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Candy Smart Touch

The smartphone app offers amazing Smart-touch control, providing a way to take even better care of your clothes and make your machine work more efficiently. Just download the app and tap your mobile phone onto the machine to connect.

Usage reports

Monitor energy usage and select the most efficient wash for your needs which can help lower energy bills.

Wash when you want

No more wet clothes left hanging around in the machine – simply choose when you want the wash to start or finish to keep them fresh.

Health checks

Stop any potential problems before they arise and look after your machine with a clever check to make sure every working part is running as it should.

Add extra programmes

Have some items that require careful attention? Not a problem. For every load, there’s a specialist wash ready to download.

Said and done

Voice control makes finding the perfect wash even easier. Simply tell the machine what you’re washing and in 3 simple steps it’ll do the rest.

Peace of mind guaranteed

Free 10 year parts and 2 year labour warranty.

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What is Buy Now Pay Later?
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