Electric Blankets

Electric Blankets Buying Guide

Choosing the right type of electric blanket to buy is made much simpler with our Electric Blankets Buying Guide. Just click on a link below, to jump down to further information about the electric blankets area you're interested in:

Electric Blanket Types

Electric Blankets are very energy efficient due to the low amounts of power they use to operate making them very economical.

All our electric blankets conform to the highest European and International Safety standards and are BEAB approved. BEAB Approval is recognised world- wide as representing integrity and technical expertise.

There is nothing better than getting into a warm cosy bed on those cold winter night so to help you choose an electric blanket that will suit your needs let us explain the various types:

Underblankets and Mattress Covers

These blankets are fitted on top of the mattress, with the bottom sheet on top of the blanket and then your usual bedding on top. In order to secure them they either, in the case of Underblankets, have tie tapes or as a mattress cover by a fitted skirt, similar method to a fitted sheet.

Blankets of this type can be used to pre warm the bed and then be turned down to a lower setting for all night use. A standard underblanket may take between 60-90 minutes to warm up depending on the conditions.

Look out for Fast Heat Technology that will warm your bed in about 10 minutes.

Over blankets and Duvets

An Over Blanket sits on top of you with a sheet between you and the Over Blanket or alternatively it can be fitted into a duvet cover.

The Duvet has enclosed heating wires and is used in the same way as an over blanket. Over Blankets and Duvets can be used to pre warm the bed and then turned down to a lower setting for all night use.

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Electric Blanket Materials


Provides excellent comfort due to its soft characteristics whilst also being strong and durable.


Is very strong, durable and easy to clean.

Polar Fleece

This super soft fleece material provides extra warmth and comfort.

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Features Explained

Easy Care

With controls that detach from the blanket, all our electric blankets are machine washable and can be safely tumble dried in order to keep your blanket clean and fresh.

Heat Control

For individual comfort most blankets have variable heat controls, up to 9 in some instances, this provides the ability to pre-warm your bed and then lower the temperature for safe all night use.

Look out for Dual Controls, this allows personalised comfort on each side of the bed. For example, one side can be warmed whilst the other remains switched off.

Extra Foot Warmth

This feature provides extra warmth at the foot of the bed to keep your toes nice and snug.

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All blankets are fitted with a built in system that will automatically shut off the power if it exceeds a temperature considered comfortable or if an unsafe situation arises.

Before using your electric blanket please ensure you read the manufacturers user instructions and remember to keep them safe for future reference.

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When you are not using your blanket:

  • Leave it on the bed.

  • Try either to roll it or fold it loosely to avoid damaging the blankets electric components for longer periods of storage.

  • Always avoid storing other objects on top of a rolled or folded blanket.

  • Always store in a dry place.

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