Sheds Buying Guide

Choosing the right type of shed to buy is made much simpler with our Shed Buying Guide. Just click on a link below, to jump down to further information about the shed area you're interested in:

Our Sheds

Our sheds are simple to erect, needing just two people to complete the task which should take no longer than half a day with smaller sheds taking less than this. Buildings are supplied as flat panels, which need to be lined up and screwed together. The instructions included detail each step and show the process in pictures. All sheds need to be constructed on a suitable base, which must be finished before you start assembling your shed.

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Shed Base and Dimensions

All our sheds require a base to be built prior to erecting the shed. The base can be bought separately, or made from concrete, wood or gravel. The base must be the right size for the shed and must be perfectly level. This applies to wood, metal or plastic sheds.

The size of the shed base is given for each shed size; please refer to the diagrams below that show how sheds are measured:

Shed Dimensions Width
Shed Dimensions Length and Height
Shed Base Dimensions

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Wooden Sheds

Wooden Sheds are available in a variety of sizes and apex or pent roof styles with varying numbers of windows (depending on the style), and come in single or double door variations. Windows are Styrene glazed for a clear view and for safety. They can be interchangeable depending on the building.

There are typically two types of walls, Overlap and Tongue-and-Groove. Overlap is constructed from overlapping rough sawn timber and gives an attractive natural finish to our best value sheds. Tongue-and-groove is a smooth planed, good quality timber with an interlocking structure that is more weather resistant with panels that are inherently stronger and less prone to natural movement due to their interlocking design. Tongue-and-Groove sheds start with the floor and roof section made from OSB board. Our top of the range sheds come with Tongue-and-Groove floor and roof panels, and with the windows pre-glazed and the doors already fitted.

Wooden Overlap Shed

Overlap Shed

Wooden Shiplap Shed

Shiplap Shed

The timber is certified by FSC Mixed Source ensuring the wood is from sustainable resources. Sheds come pre-treated with water based treatment to protect the building during transit. Following construction of the shed, it must be treated with a high quality wood preservative to maintain the life of the building. This will also help to protect against wood rot and fungal decay. This preservative will need to be applied as soon as possible after construction and then repeated as often as instructed by the preservative manufacturer.

All of our wooden sheds have a 10-year anti rot guarantee.

Delivery: your shed will be delivered in panels, on a special wagon, as shown:

Wooden Shed Delivery Wagon

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Metal Sheds

Your metal shed can be anything you want it to be. Workshop, hobbyroom, studio, potting shed, or store. Fit pegboard to provide hanging storage, hardboard panels for added protection against bikes and youngsters, fasten shelves or workbenches to the side beams with self tapping screws, or hanging shelves from the roof beams.

All our metal sheds require a base to be built prior to erecting the shed. The base can be bought separately, or one made from concrete, wood or gravel. The base must be the right size for the shed and must be perfectly level.

Metal sheds are maintenance-free, made from hot dipped galvanized steel with baked on permanent colour finish to repel the weather and insects.

Key Features

  • No blistering or cracking

  • No splitting due to frost or ice

  • No wind damaged roofing felt

  • No swelling or warping

  • No bug or pest damage

  • No attack from vermin

Easy To Maintain

  • No painting

  • No preservatives

  • No rust proofing - full galvanised

Throughout America, Canada and many parts of Europe colour coated metal is the automatic choice for garden sheds. The advantages are clear to see. With a European manufactured yardmaster shed there is no maintenance - ever. Size for size Yardmaster cost about the same as a wooden shed. So if you are fed up fighting a losing battle to maintain your wooden shed, buy a yardmaster and give yourself peace of mind!

Stainless Steel Screws

All Yardmaster steel sheds are supplied with stainless steel screws to resist rusting and staining.

Lots of Headroom

Low profile roof gives headroom right into the sides.

Anchor Kits

Securely anchor the shed to wood or concrete. Included in the price.

Easy To Erect:

Metal Shed Erection: Step 1 - Assemble base frame

Assemble base frame. Base frame can be bought, or made from concrete, wood, gravel or any other perfectly level surface, provided the shed can be anchored securely.

Metal Shed Erection: Step 2 - Assemble and position corner posts

Assemble and position corner posts, mid-way bracing and wall panels. Two people are needed to assemble the shed.

Metal Shed Erection: Step 3 - Assemble the roof

Assemble the roof in one piece using the fibre washers with each screw to ensure no leaky roofs.

Metal Shed Erection: Step 4 - Secure roof

Two people can lift the whole roof in one piece. Secure it, then add the doors.

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