How to find your next TV

What do you need to know?

From screen sizes to screen types and from Freeview Play to TVs that
can stream music and films, our no nonsense guide to TVs explains
all the latest TV technology so you can decide what works for you!

  • Which screen size do I need?
  • What are the different screen
  • What about picture quality?
  • What is Smart TV?
  • How do I get the best sound
  • What Accessories might I need?

We have a great range of sizes from 22in
screen TVs (great as a second TV- for the
kitchen, the spare bedroom or the kids' den)
right up to an incredible 70-in screen so you
can really get the impact of your favourite
blockbusters on screen.

TVs are now so slim and with much smaller
bezels that you can fit a larger TV into a smaller
space. For example a modern 50in TV takes
roughly the same space as a 42in TV did in 2008.
So why not go up a few sizes?

  • TVs are measured diagonally across the
    screen from one corner to the other,
    in inches
  • All our TVs have a 16:9 ratio so you'll see
    the whole widescreen picture.

Viewing Distance

You'll need to take into account the size of
the room in which you'll be watching the TV.
Then check our handy chart - it'll show
the size of TV that will best suit the distance
you prefer to sit from the screen.


LED TVs are super slim LCD TVs which feature
the latest lighting technology with LED Lights
(or Light Emitting Diodes) around the edge of
the screen or across the back of the panel.

  • Up to 70% slimmer than previous LCD TVS,
    great for wall hanging.
  • Energy efficient to help with the electricity
  • Bright detailed pictures with unrivalled
  • A High contrast ratio gives you crystal
    clear images.
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Curved screens

These great looking TVs are designed in a curved
shape that gives you a wider viewing field with
better contrast.

  • Fully immersive viewing with a wider image
    than on a standard flat screen TV
  • Seems to wrap the action all around you
  • Curved screens follow the shape of your eye
  • Can't sit flush to a wall like flat screen TVs,
    so not good for wall hanging
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TVs with OLED display technology feature
self-lighting pixels (picture elements) so
there's no backlighting. This means they're
super slim and light and very energy efficient.
Picture quality is superb with vivid, lifelike
colours, deeper blacks and brighter whites.

  • Great for wall mounting
  • Super slim bezels give you near edge-to-edge viewing
  • OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode
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HD Ready or Full HD?

HD Ready TVs have the minimum 720 lines (720p) of
horizontal screen resolution that lets you watch
high definition broadcasts. Full HD (also known as
HD 1080p) TVs have 50% more lines for even more
detail and clarity. You'll really notice the
difference on screens from 37in up.

  • You can watch HD broadcasts on both
    HD ready and Full HD TVs
  • HD broadcasts, Blu-ray movies and games
    will be sharper on Full HD TVs.


Also known as Ultra-high definition, 4KTV has
8 million pixels (picture elements) for pin-sharp
pictures with four times the detail of full HD.
(HD TVs have 2 million or so pixels).

  • 4K or UHD TVs usually have screens
    40in or over - the larger display really
    shows all the extra detail.
  • TVs with the Ultra HD version of the
    Netflix app let you stream Ultra HD
    content (subscription needed).
  • You can upscale HD TV programmes
    and your Blu-ray movies to near
    Ultra HD quality.

4K Ultra HD Premium

A 4K TV with an Ultra HD Premium
logo meets the standards for minimum
brightness levels and the highest quality,
most realistic colours set
by an association of Hollywood
studios, TV manufacturers
and tech companies.

  • 4K Ultra HD premium TVs feature High Dynamic Range for high quality, lifelike colours
  • Viewing is more immersive than on standard 4K UHD TVs


HDR (or High Dynamic Range) gives
you better contrast, greater brightness
levels and a wider colour palette to make
your movies and TV shows look more like
real life. Dark skies will seem more realistic,
the sun will look warmer and grass will
really look like grass.

  • Exceptional levels of detail and a much
    wider colour palette make everything
    look more lifelike.

Screen refresh rate

TV pictures are generally broadcast or
recorded at 50Hz – that’s 25 frames per
second. TVs with 100Hz or 200Hz
processing use 50 or 100 frames
per second for smoother, sharper
action pictures.

  • The higher the screen refresh rate,
    the smoother the picture
  • Higher refresh rates are perfect for
    watching fast paced games, sports
    and movie action.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs and boxes are a great way of getting
more from TV - from normal TV to movies,
photos and videos to social media, apps and
catch up TV.

  • Watch normal TV.
  • Access online interactive media.
  • Connect your Smart TV to your
    Smartphone or tablet.
  • Catch up on TV shows on BBC iPlayer, ITV
    hub, All 4 and more.
  • Stream movies and shows on demand
    from Netflix, Now TV
    and Amazon (subscription required).
  • Download games.

Freeview Play for catch up TV

All our TVs feature Freeview for subscription
free digital TV through your aerial.
TVs featuring Freeview Play give you live
TV and TV on demand in the one place
- with no monthly fee. Just make sure your
TV or recorder is connected to the internet!

  • View over 70 digital TV and radio channels
    and 15 HD channels.
  • Up to 7 days catch up TV on BBC iPlayer,
    the ITV Hub, All 4, and My5.
  • Available on selected LG and HiSense TVs
    or a Humax Smart box with Freeview Play.

Streaming channels

You can now receive a number of bonus free and pay TV
channels streamed directly over the internet on
most Freeview HD and smart TVs.

  • Ketchup TV (Kids entertainment
    on demand).
  • Racing UK (pay service).
  • Vision TV (Free to air entertainment).
  • Planet knowledge (Documentaries
    on demand).
  • Box Nation (Pay service for boxing


Access a whole range of apps via your Smart
TV - from catch up TV to Twitter and YouTube.
Save £££s on phone calls to landlines
and mobiles with Skype.

The same goes with video calls - just plug in
a webcam and you can make free
Skype-to-Skype video calls anywhere
in the world. (You'll need an Ethernet
or wireless connection to your broadband hub).

Smart boxes

You can make your normal TV Smart
by adding a Google player, smart box
or Smart Blu-ray player using your
Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

Plus stream tens of thousands of TV episodes
movies and more with an Amazon Fire Stick
and watch the latest movies, TV shows,
live sports and kids entertainment live
and on demand with Now TV.

TV recorders

A TV recorder lets you record up to
4 channels whilst watching another.
You'll never run out of things to watch
as a disk size of 1Tb will store around
250 hours of HD Programmes or 600
hours of standard definition TV.


A TV with Freesat built in or a Freesat box
from top brands like Samsung or Humax
will give you subscription free satellite
TV wherever you live in the UK.
(You'll need a satellite dish as well).

  • No subscription and no monthly bills.
  • Covers the whole UK.
  • Over 200 digital channels.
  • Over 13 HD channels.
  • Catch up on the last 7 days TV
    26 popular channels.
  • If you already have a satellite dish,
    you can connect it to your new
    Freesat TV or Feesat box yourself.

Freeview HD

All our TVs feature Freeview for subscription
free digital TV through your aerial. Freeview
HD gives you even more so you can see
all the finest details of your favourite shows
on up to 17 high definition channels,
including popular ones like BBC 1 and 2,
ITV, 4HD, 5HD, CBeebies.

All you need is one of our TVs from great
brands like LG, Samsung, Sony or Toshiba
with Freeview HD built in. Or connect
an HD-ready TV to a Freeview HD recorder
from brands like Humax and Panasonic


Connect a soundbar to your TV
for incredible wide surround sound
from a single, space saving bar.
Perfect for wall mounting, from
household names like Sonos, Bose,
LG, Samsung and Sony.


Soundbases like the Sonos playbase will
add cinema sound to your TV and stream
music, too. Or add a full 5.1 home theatre
speaker system for a blockbusting home
cinema experience. They're designed to sit
on a stand, not on your wall.

  • Soundbars and soundbases
    sit beneath your TV.
  • Soundbases can stream music services,
    your music library, Internet radio
    and podcasts.
  • Control from your smartphone, tablet
    or computer.


We've a great range of accessories
to help you get the most from your
TV - from universal remote controls to HDMI
cables for the best connection and aerials
for great reception.

Universal remotes controls

You can operate any brand of TV, Freeview,
cable, satellite box and Blu-ray player with
a universal remote control.


We have all the cables you could need to get
your TV connected with a wide selection
of HDMI, Ethernet, USB and optical
audio cables


From free standing to wall mountable,
we offer a good range of reliable indoor
aerials to help you get the best possible
picture and sound quality.

Wall brackets

Wall brackets are a great way to free up
space and make your TV a focal point
in your home. From tilt-and-swivel to
multi-position, we have brackets to suit
every size and every type of TV.

TV stands

Put your TV centre stage with one of our
TV stands or multi-media units designed
to neatly house all your audio and video
equipment (and hide the cables that
connect them up) for a clutter-free look.

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What do you need to know?

If you'd love to be ahead of the curve with one of the latest curved screen
TVs or want to know what Smart TVs can do for you, our guide will help
you choose the TV that suits your viewing!

Service Guarantee

If the TV you are buying is smaller
than 37 Inches this generally will be available
for delivery using one of our ‘small item’
delivery options including Next Day,
Standard & Specified Day.

When the TV you are buying is 37 Inches
or larger this will be classed as a large
item & an additional delivery charge
will be applied as it will take 2 of our
delivery men to carry.

To find out more about your delivery
options Click Here

Service Guarantee
Extend your warranty with Service
Can you imagine life without your TV?
What would you do if it stopped working
outside of the manufacturer's warranty?

Add to your peace of mind with Service
Guarantee which extends your warranty by
providing a repair service for your TV after
the end of the manufacturer's warranty

Key benefits

  • Protect your TV against mechanical
    and electrical breakdown.
  • We'll aim to repair your TV and if it
    can' be repaired, we'll replace it with
    a TV of similar specification.
  • Call out, parts and labour charges
    are all covered.
  • We use a trusted network of repairers
    so can guarantee an expert service.
  • The option to spread the cost of the
    cover on your credit account.

If you already have cover for breakdown
through an extended warranty programme
included in a premium bank account
package or another product this Service
Guarantee may not be appropriate for you.
Service Guarantee excludes some
situations, for example; accidental damage,
and any wilful act or neglect. It is not an
insurance product.

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