The North Face® fundamental mission remains unchanged since 1966:

Provide the best gear for our athletes and the modern day explorer, support the preservation of the outdoors, and inspire a global movement of exploration.

The North Face - Vectiv

This shoe wants to get out there.

The North Face - Vectiv
The North Face - Vectiv
The North Face - Vectiv

The future of trail.

There's nothing better than escaping to the mountainside and feeling the trail beneath your feet. Power further than ever with The North Face VECTIV range. Designed to convert energy into momentum, it combines a supportive 3D Plate with a Rocker Midsole to propel you deeper into the wilderness, plus a high-traction SURFACECTRL GRIP outsole that conquers all terrain.

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The North Face - Sustainability

Talking technical

Interested in the technical side? We've broken down exactly what innovations you'll find in you're The North Face gear that helps you make the most of the outdoors.


It's essential that you consider the type of activity you're going to get up to when you're choosing a jacket. We've split them into three categories to help you make an informed decision on what's right for you.


These will have minimal features and be insubstantial in regards to weight. Designed to be thrown on at a moment's notice, they should be worn during high-intensity activities when weight needs to be taken into consideration. A space-saver, many can pack themselves into a pocket to offer the perfect balance between weight and performance.


Although they may spend most of their time in your pack, they can comfortably cater with most types of precipitation, from relentless drizzle to summer downpours. Embellished with more fit adjustments and pockets, they're at the midpoint between weight and pack size, and come into their own when the forecast is uncertain.


Often including many more features to add to their comfort and habitability, as weight isn't the primary concern. Created to withstand the cold, wind, snow and rain, they usually contain a thick insulation to keep the body warm even when it's not in motion that protects from both wind and precipitation.


For when you know you'll be needing protection all day, they're made from durable, high breathable materials that thrive in the worst conditions. They include all the features required for intense activities such as mountaineering and climbing in snow or rain, as well as the zones where heavy wear is necessary.


A revelation in insulation, Thermoball™ utilises small round Primaloft synthetic fiber clusters that work in the same way as down, trapping within air pockets to retain warmth without weighing you down. Perfect for travel, trekking or working out whatever the weather, Thermoball™ is packable and lightweight and has the added benefit of performing just as well even when wet to provide non-stop warmth.


All the benefits of Thermoball™ with the added benefit of being crafted from 100% recycled polyester, Thermoball™ Eco is the ultimate choice for outdoor explorers who are conscious of their environmental footprint as well as their gear.


In order to keep animal welfare at the forefront of their apparel, The North Face created the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) to ensure the down they use in coats and jackets comes from animals that have been well treated.

Defined by the ratio of powder fill to goose down, each numbered rating of down holds different properties and are designed for a range of activities. From 900 fill that offers unbeatable warmth-to-weight ratio that's geared for true expeditions, down to 600 fill that's perfect for day-to-day wear and cold days in the city.


Favoured by experienced outdoor adventurers for decades Polartec® thermal fleeces are available in different weights and finished to ensure optimum performance in a range of environments. With the options of three weights available, there's a fleece for every adventure.

Polartec® 100 is the lightest, ideal for a warming base layer or outer shell on warmer days;

Polartec® 200 offers optimal warmth and versatility as well as a soft hand feel;

Polartec® 300 are the heaviest available and are ready for the coldest conditions.



Designed to take on the elements, garments using Dryvent™ technology have been engineered to be fully waterproof and yet breathable. Each layer has been created to allow vapor from sweat to pass through, while the durable water repellent finish prevents water droplets from getting in. Available in a variety of weights, textures and performance characteristics, there's a style to match every activity.


The ultimate in waterproofing innovations - Futurelight™ is fully waterproof and for the first time ever, has air permeability built into the innovative nano-spun membrane. This creates clothing that's ultra-lightweight, hardwearing and ready to perform athletic feats under any conditions.




0 - 1,500mm

Water resistant / Snowproof

Very light rain

1,500mm - 5,000mm


Light to average rain


Very Waterproof

Moderate to heavy rain


Highly Waterproof

Heavy rain



Acting like a second skin – Flashdry™ technology works to draw moisture away from your skin, allowing it to evaporate quickly and efficiently so you stay dry and comfortable during exercise. Fusing comfort with performance - clothing with this technology are perfect for outdoor training and activities.



Engineered to reduce wind chill on blustery days while helping to regulate your body temperature so you don’t overheat, The North Face incorporated WindWall™ into a variety of products.

WindWall™ softshell products are available in both windproof and wind resistant finishes. Windproof gear is also virtually waterproof to protect you from all conditions, and wind resistant pieces are most versatile with stretch too for freedom of movement;

WindWall™ shell offers lightweight coverage, wind resistance and packable design;

WindWall™ fleece boasts the comfort and warmth of a traditional fleece with added wind chill protection.


Fusing maximum breathability with maximum wind protection, Windstopper® is soft and lightweight, warming and insulating and water resistant too, ensuring total protection in cold and windy conditions.



Whatever the distance or terrain, XtraFoam™ is designed for complete comfort and support with its four key layers.

XtraFoam™ core - an EVA compound that cushions your stride for all day wear;

Perimeter EVA midsole - slightly firmer and denser than the core, it provides structure for stability;

ESS Snake Plate™ – even firmer EVA foam that protects the most sensitive areas of your foot;

Vibram® XS Trek outsole - a hike specific traction pattern crafted from high performance rubber for grip on all terrain.


Engineered for the trail, VECTIV technology combines a 3D Plate with a Rocker Midsole to convert energy into momentum and propel you forward.

VECTIV 3D Plate™ - full length carbon fiber plate provides stability and propulsion with added lateral support directly underfoot.

VECTIV Rocker Midsole™ - curved, 'rocker' shape midsole shifts downward force into forward momentum to optimise the energy you put in.

SURFACECTRL GRIP OUTSOLE - high-traction outsole provides sturdy grip on the toughest of terrain.

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Results: 1 - 30 (of 328) Show 99 per page

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